DU Grants


University Research Committee

The URC manages DU internal grants. Its mission is to foster and improve the research environment at DU by assisting DR. It consists of two representatives from each College and a representative from the Foundation Program (FP) nominated by the Dean or FP Director for a term of two years, renewable for a similar term. The Chairperson, his/her assistant and any additional members are appointed by the DVC. The URC main tasks include:

  • Formulating policies and guideline for the allocation of funds for Research.
  • Reviewing applications for conducting research or other works in DU that involved at a collection, interviews with DU community, and filling questionnaires to ensure ethics and bio-safety.
  • Editing and publishing the research grants activities report of the University.
  • Facilitate collaboration with other universities.
  • Help the colleges organize international conferences at DU.

URC Members

No.NameCollege/FPEmailContact Details
1.Prof. Mohammed Asif Gondal (Chair)CAASmgondal@du.edu.om23 23 7220
2.Prof. Nasser Said AbdelrasheedCAASnabdelrasheed@du.edu.om23 23 7299
3.Dr. Sameen Ahmed KhanCAASsakhan@du.edu.om23 23 7227
4.Dr. Ahmar UddinCCBAAhmar@du.edu.om23 23 7417
5.Dr. Mohamed Ahmed HamdounCCBAmhamdoun@du.edu.om23 23 7448
6.Dr. Najam Ul HassanCEnulhasan@du.edu.om23 23 7335
7.Dr. Mazhar Ul IslamCEmulislam@du.edu.om23 23 7348
8.Dr. Musallam Salim Al AwaidCLmalawaid@du.edu.om23 23 7172
9.Dr. Louna FarhatCLlfarhat@du.edu.om23 23 7179
10.Dr. Wajdi Hamza AlredanyFPwalredany@du.edu.om23 23 7542

For queries regarding research grants, please contact:

Prof. Muhammad Asif Gondal-URC Chair

Tel: 23 23 7220

Email: mgondal@du.edu.om

College/FP Research Committee

The College Research Committee(CRC) helps to promote research at college level while FPRC is responsible for promoting Research in FP. The CRC/FPRC comprises of senior faculty members drawn from all the departments/units of the college/FP who are entrusted with the task of fostering a good research environment in the college. All members are appointed by the Dean of the College/Director of FP and serve for a period of two academic years. The members are responsible for advising, formulating recommendations and providing information to the URC on University’s Research operational and strategic plan, Research-education, policies, guidelines, procedures and evaluating internal grants. Its roles and responsibilities include:

  • Promote research and research education within the University.
  • Advise, formulate recommendations and provide information to the University Research Committee (URC) on research, research-education, policies, guidelines and procedures.
  • Advise and make recommendations to URC on University’s research operational and strategic plan.
  • Encourage faculty to submit a new research grant to TRC either individually or as a research group. It is desirable that these researches are within the “Oman Research Strategies”.
  • Be responsible for the planning and policy development relating to the improvement of the research activities.
  • Support and Encourage students to participate in Research projects with staff.
  • Support and Encourage faculty members or faculty Research groups to apply for internal research grants.
  • Reviewing the applications submitted by the faculty members for internal Research grants and incentive claims.

CRC Members


No.NameDepartmentEmailContact Details
1.Sameen Ahmed Khan (Chair)Mathematics and Sciencessakhan@du.edu.om23 23 7227
2.Awadalkareem AlhassanEnglish Language & Literatureaalhassan@du.edu.om23 23 7296
3.Iryna LenchukEnglish Language & Literatureilenchuk@du.edu.om23 23 7230
4.Abdelkader EL-SaayedEducationabdelkader_elsaayed@du.edu.om23 23 7262
5.Zied BouyahiaComputer ScienceZbouyahia@du.edu.om23 23 7215
6.Mohammed TabishatSocial Sciencemtabishat@du.edu.om23 23 7259
7.Jamila Al JaadiArabic Literature and Translationjaljaadi@du.edu.om23 23 7293


No.NameDepartmentEmailContact Details
1.Mohamed Hamdoun (Chair)Managementmhamdoun@du.edu.om23 23 7448
2.Suhail Mohammad GhouseMarketing and Entrepreneurshipsghouse@du.edu.om23 23 7449
3.Omar Ikbal TawfikAccountingotawfik@du.edu.om23 23 7427
4.Goksel AcarFinance and Economicgacar@du.edu.om23 23 7422
5.Muhammad Salman ShabbirManagementmshabbir@du.edu.om23 23 7441
6.Ismail Muhammed YousoofMISmismail@du.edu.om23 23 7454


No.NameDepartmentEmailContact Details
1. Dr. Saif Ul Islam (Chair)MMEmislam@du.edu.om23 23 7486
2. Dr. Heba HusseinAEhehussein@du.edu.om23 23 7349
3. Dr. Mazhar Ul IslamCHE mulislam@du.edu.om23 23 7348
4. Dr. Mahad ShamasCVEmahad@du.edu.om23 23 7342
5. Dr. Prajoona ValsalanECEpvalsalan@du.edu.om23 23 7312


No.NameDepartmentEmailContact Details
1.Dr. Louna Farhat (Chair)Public Lawlfarhat@du.edu.om23 23 7179
2.Dr. Salim Abdullah Al RawasPublic Lawsaalrawas@du.edu.om23 23 7195
3.Khaled T.M AbutahaPrivate Lawkabutaha@du.edu.om23 23 7184
4.Ahmed O.K HosniaPublic Lawahosnia@du.edu.om23 23 7175


No.NameDepartmentEmailContact Details
1.Anita VenugopalFP ITanita@du.edu.om23 23 7557
2.Lauren  Elizab MertensFP Englishlmertens@du.edu.om23 23 7519
3.Nate LFP Englishnathaniel.lotze@gmail.com23 23 7550
4.Wajdi Hamza AlredanyFP Mathswalredany@du.edu.om23 23 7542


Research Incentives (RI)

DU strongly believes that faculty should be rewarded for their research productivity. Following are different type of incentives a faculty member can apply for:

Incentives for Publishing Papers (IPP)

The faculty members who publish a paper in a journal indexed in Web of Science (with or without impact factor), Scopus or DU list A of Refereed Arabic Journals (RAJ-A) during the academic year will be eligible for a monetary incentive for each paper (subject to budget availability).

Incentives for Book and Book Chapter (IBB)

Similar to IPP, DU recognizes the importance of book and book chapter publication and believes that faculty members should be rewarded for publishing them.

Incentives for Patents

A faculty in whose name a patent is registered (either nationally or internationally) while in the service of the University and with University affiliation shall be eligible for a cash reward of R.O. 300 and a Letter of Appreciation to be awarded on Annual research day.

Incentives for Consultancy

A faculty engaged in Consultancy Activity while in the service of the University (R.O. 2,000 and above) and with University affiliation shall be eligible for a cash reward of R.O. 300 and a Letter of Appreciation to be awarded on Annual research day.

Course Pack Incentive (CPI)

Dhofar university has decided to facilitate the students, faculties and society for long-term teaching and learning process by initiating the preparation of course packs for different courses. The course packs will consist of teaching materials, exercises, sample exams etc. prepared in accordance with the course syllabus.  The accessibility of students and faculties to a standardized course pack will definitely improve the overall quality of education in DU. Thus, DU has decided to reward the faculties involved in developing course packs with specific incentives termed as Course Pack Incentive (CPI).

For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to Section 2.3 of DU Research & development Guidelines.

DU Research Grant (DURG)

Dhofar University Research Grant (DURG) is intended to support the academic research work of the DU faculty that is expected to yield innovative results or findings consistent with the university research and educational objectives. DURG are awarded to support collaborative/group research projects. The project budget should not exceed 1500 R.O. The number of funded projects will depend on the total allocated budget for DURG each year, however, it is expected that each College and FP succeeds in getting one grant each.

 For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to Section 2.2 of DU Research & development Guidelines.

Conference Grant (CG)

The faculty members at Dhofar University can apply for two types of conference grant: Traditional Conference Grant (TCG) (In person attendance) and the Online Conference Grant (OCG).

Traditional Conference Grant

The TCG is awarded to the faculty members who intend to present their research work in national and international conferences. The faculty members can claim a maximum of 1000 R.O.

Online Conference grant (OCG)

Taking into consideration the prevalence of COVID-19 pandemic around the globe, numerous precautionary measures have been taken by many countries including closure or restricted air travel. In view of the same, various international societies and universities had resorted to online conferences to continue with the research initiative of academics across the world. Considering this, DU has decided to allow online line conference paper presentation and attendance for the academic year 2020-21 only. This initiative will help support our faculty to continue with their research endeavors by attending such scientific forums by exchanging research experiences and building research networks.

For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to Section 2.1 of DU Research & development Guidelines.

DU Internal Grants & Incentives

DU faculty members can receive following research incentives and grants after the approval from CRC/FPRC, Department Chair, Dean, URC, Department of Research and the DVC/ VC.

  • Conference GrantsFor attending national and international conferences
  • Research IncentivesDU with an intention to support high quality publications, patents, consultancy activities and for approved course packs grant incentives to the academic staff
  • DU Research GrantsGrant for supporting innovative research ideas and projects of national and regional importance