Approved Projects

Ongoing Projects:

Call 18:
Table 3: Call 2018 Approved Projects
No.Proposal IDTitleSectorPrincipal InvestigatorApproved Budget (OMR)
1.      BFP/RGP/HSS/18/122Development of Ultrasensitive CuO Based Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensors for Diabetes MonitoringHealth and Social ServicesNaikoo, Gowhar5,000.00
2.      BFP/RGP/CBS/18/166Rural Women Entrepreneurship in Oman: Problems, Prospects and Sustainable Strategies.Culture Humanities and Basic SciencesGhouse, Suhail – Dhofar University4,900.00
3.      BFP/RGP/EI/18/152Energy Efficient boil-off-gas reliquefaction process for carrier LNGEnergy and IndustryKhan, Muhammad – Dhofar University2,400.00
4.      BFP/RGP/CBS/18/101Basic-level and derived-level situation types: The case of lexical aspect in MehriCulture Humanities and Basic SciencesAhmed, Amer2,000.00
5.      BFP/RGP/EBR/18/106Green synthesis of important bio-products from local waste materials; Approaches to resolve environmental issues with positive economic impactEnvironmental and Biological ResourcesUl-Islam, Mazhar4,000.00
6.      BFP/RGP/ICT/18/119Toward a Self-Organizing Traffic Control System Road Traffic Congestion Prediction and Resource Dispatching (RTCP-RD)Information Technology and CommunicationBouyahia, Zied – Dhofar University4,000.00
7.      BFP/RGP/EHR/18/131A national strategy based on family counseling techniques, to improve the skills of family service workers in dealing with the contemporary challenges of the Omani familyEducation and Human ResourcesAbdelrasheed, Nasser –4,275.00
  • Call 19
Call 2019 Faculty Projects
No.Grant IDTitle of ProjectSectorPrincipal InvestigatorGrand Total (OMR)
1.       BFP/RGP/EHR/19/131Balancing act: The effect of task design on foreign language learners’ fluency and accuracyEducation and Human ResourcesLenchuk, Iryna20,000.00
2.       BFP/RGP/ICT/19/160An IoT-based Framework for Balancing Taxis Service Supply-Demand in the Context of a Smart CityInformation Technology and CommunicationHaddad, Hedi20,000.00
3.       BFP/RGP/EI/19/197An Emerging Averaging Algorithm to Upscale Fracture Systems of a Fractured ReservoirEnergy and IndustryIslam, Md Saiful20,000.00
4.       BFP/RGP/ICT/19/186Enabling End-Users to Protect their Privacy by themselves: Application to Smart Healthcare Cyber-Physical Environments (Acronym: uPrivacy)Information Technology and CommunicationAlraja, Mansour12,000.00
5.       BFP/RGP/EHR/19/145A Proposed Program Based on Active Learning to Develop the Skills of Excellence and Creativity in Mathematics and Science among Students of Basic Education in OmanEducation and Human ResourcesElsayed, Abdelkader19,500.00
6.       BFP/RGP/CBS/19/303Development of a Topical Formulation for Bedsores from the Gum Resin of Omani Boswellia sacraCulture Humanities and Basic SciencesRashan, Luay5,000.00


Call 2019 Student Projects
No.Grant IDTitle of projectSectorPrincipal InvestigatorFaculty MentorGrand Total (OMR)
1.       BFP/URG/HSS/19/099Decorated Copper based Nanoparticles for Anti-Colon Cancer ActivityHealth and Social ServicesAl Mashali, FatemaNaikoo, Gowhar1,500.00
2.       BFP/URG/ICT/19/120The Use of UAV in Disaster ManagementInformation Technology and CommunicationAl Maashani, FahadHasan, Najam Ul Hasan1,500.00
3.       BFP/URG/EBR/19/095Synthesis of conductive bacterial cellulose composites for applications in optoelectronic devicesEnvironmental and Biological ResourcesBait-Ameer, Somiya Yasir SaidUl-Islam, Mazhar1,500.00
4.       BFP/URG/CBS/19/100Cross Cultural Education: A Key to Omani Student Learning SuccessCulture Humanities and Basic SciencesAl Meqbali, Al AnoodAbuiyada, Reem1,200.00
5.       BFP/URG/EHR/19/096The impact of personality traits on career aspirations of business schools’ students in OmanEducation and Human ResourcesSafrar, AmiraHamdoun, Mohamed1,500.00
  • Call 20:
Call 2020 Faculty Projects
No.Grant IDTitle of projectPrincipal InvestigatorGrand Total (OMR)
1.       BFP/RGP/HSS/20/274Novel poly(m-aminophenol)/metal nanoparticles hybrid material based bio-sensor for health care applications and food quality assessmentAhmad, Mohammad Wasi20,000
2.       BFP/RGP/EHR/20/235Content evaluation of the Omani sciences textbooks of grades (1-8) in the light of TIMSS 2019 requirementsAbdelkarim, Raed9,320
3.       BFP/RGP/EI/20/061Integrated Livestock Farming Approach and Socio-Economic Development of Sultanate of OmanSha, Nadia5,100
4.       BFP/RGP/EBR/20/261Development of bacterial cellulose composite films for practical applications in wound healing and pollutant degradationUl-Islam, Mazhar20,000
5.       BFP/RGP/HSS/20/045Anti Cancer Activity of Dhofar Medicinal PlantsRashan, Luay20,000


Call 2020 Students Projects
No.Grant IDTitle of projectPrincipal InvestigatorFaculty MentorGrand Total (OMR)
1.       BFP/URG/EBR/20/055Ex-situ synthesis of bactericidal bacterial cellulose nanocomposites for potential wound healing applicationsTabook, Muna


Ul-Islam, Mazhar1,500
2.       BFP/URG/ICT/20/041Blockchain Technology and Electronic Supply Chain Management (eSCM)ALmarhoon, Fatima


ALraja, Mansour Naser Alraja1,500
3.       BFP/URG/EBR/20/082Recycling of Coconut Shell and Plastic Waste as Coarse Aggregates in Concrete FormationBa Uwain, Al Mutasam Abdollah AliAhmad, Mohammad Wasi1,000



Detection of Heavy Metals in Milk of Camel from Various Areas of Dhofar Region Through Atomic Absorption SpectrophotometerBatmira, Fatima Mohmmed


Ahmad, Mohammad Wasi1,200



Synthesis of Biodiesel from Fish Waste of Dhofar RegionTabouk, Mohammed Said


Ahmad, Mohammad Wasi1,150
6.       BFP/URG/CBS/20/017The Impacts of Digital Economy on Monetary System of Oman: An Empirical AnalysisAL Maashni, Amina


AL-Shubairi, Faris800