Programs & Grants

The Graduate Research Grant (GRG )

The Graduate Research Grant (GRG) Program was established to encourage and enable Omani graduates and pre-doctoral investigators, whether they are working professionals or postgraduate students, to pursue research. These grants run in parallel to other Block Funding grants including the Research Grants (RG) and Undergraduate Research Grants (URG). More

 Research Grant Program (RG)

The Open Research Grant (ORG) is a national research program adopted by The Research Council (TRC) to allocate small-to-medium size research grants to short-term and mid-term research projects within the fields of sciences and humanities. The main goal of the program is to expand and enhance research capacity in the Sultanate. To achieve this, the program supports the creation of teams and networks of researchers and assists young graduates with financial support for their postgraduate research work. More

The Undergraduate Research Grants (URG)

The Undergraduate Research Grants (URG) are awarded to undergraduate students currently enrolled in academic programs in higher education institutions in Oman, to conduct research projects, either on campus or at other research institutes in the Sultanate, with the option of being part of the student’s academic course or graduation projects. More

Renewable Energy Strategic Research Program

The research council (TRC) has initiated a strategic research program in renewable energy in 2015. The research program is coming in response to the national needs to enhance the applications of renewable energy as an alternative energy source for the country. The increase in the energy production from renewable resources, alongside traditional sources, will contribute to create a safe environment and to reduce the emissions of harmful gases by reducing the use of fossil fuels. More

COVID-19 Research Program

COVID-19 Research Program is a new initiative launched by The Research Council (TRC) in March 2020. The Steering Committee of this Directed Research Program is made up of experts from several Research Institutes (RI)s in Oman. Given the multidisciplinary nature of issues arising from COVID-19 global pandemic, the main objective of this program is to support and guide research projects to focus on conducting relevant, high quality, short-term, applied research. As such, after an initial screening process, successful applicants will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal, and the approved projects will receive financial support from TRC. More

Smart City Platform

Smart City Platform is a knowledge-sharing consortium to drive smart city initiatives in Oman The objective of the platform is to provide a knowledge-sharing, collaborative and networking environment between smart city stakeholders. The platform shall facilitate and enable smart city innovations through funding research and carry out innovation competitions. The platform shall create awareness on the importance of smart city solutions and best practices. We hope that the platform will enable a path towards a unified national smart city vision & strategy. More

Strategic Research Program

The Strategic Research Program allocates medium to large research grants for medium and long-term projects of primary national importance. This supports proposals that respond to strategic needs, ensuring research relevance and excellence, and which may be led by a local organization chosen by The Research Council for its experience in the research topic – with the aim of building national research capacities in strategic areas. More

Social Observatory Research Program

Established to monitor and analyze social change in the Sultanate through scientific research, the Social Observatory Research Program seeks to develop infrastructure for data sources and social indicators; and ensure sustainability of the data. It also strives to enrich social research in Oman by forming relationships between various universities and centers of local and international research. More


EJAAD connects the bridge between the academic and industrial sectors through industrial research cooperation. EJAAD directs research and development requests in the industrial sector to the academic sector, and helps publishing and marketing the research outputs and encourage technology transfer. More than 63 industrial challenges have been presented through EJAAD, while their joint research projects have reached 20 projects. The total funding from the industry for the research projects on EJAAD has reached OMR 1 million, while affiliated members have so far reached 60 members. More