• Conduct research on frankincense, medicinal plants, fungi & biodiversity, preservation of cultural artifacts, and languages; along with research on various cultural, environmental, social and scientific issues related to the Dhofar region.
  • Develop a database on research pertinent to the region and collect and edit valuable documents related to the region in order to preserve them and make them accessible to an interested audience;
  • Establish and publish studies and research and provide related consultancy for public and private organizations;
  • Promote DU as a research hub, build its institutional research identity and local human capacity, by encouraging graduate students to embark on research of interest to the region.
  • Encourage academic collaboration with counterpart Research Centers, Universities, and Arab and foreign institutions of similar interests;
  • Spread awareness and knowledge about research findings and reach to a wider base of researchers and academics;
  • Organize conferences and promote publications of different kinds.
  • Development and formulation of natural health products/ dietary supplements, topical, cosmetic, aromatherapeutic preparations using different dosage-forms like oral tablets, oral capsules, oral drops, ointments, creams, gel and inhalers.