PI Message

I am honored to serve as the principal investigator of the Research Centre, Biodiversity Unit. I am excited to take the challenge of finding new ways to make this great unit even better. As PI, I envision our unit as a part of vital strategy. Dhofar University has created this unit in early 2016 as a vital vehicle in delivering its research objectives. Dhofar University is strategically located in the area which holds a wealth of natural resources in both forest, desert and marine ecosystems. The unique feature of Dhofar tropical biodiversity demands ongoing researches towards documenting biological diversity and understanding the values of biodiversity, particularly its interaction with the environment and links to its ecosystem service. Biodiversity unit has expanded its biodiversity to include herbal, medicinal plants and fungi research projects. Further, it focuses on knowledge transformation through enhancing research collaborations and promoting young Omani collaborators.

In our pursuit of research opportunities, we look to accelerate knowledge transfer, enhance Omani resources development and we look to strategic collaboration with local and international research centers and universities with the intention of achieving critical mass and benefiting from multidisciplinary expertise. We will continue to engage in competitive research programs to promote national and international collaboration and committed to the development of new programs and new knowledge that will translate into new dimensions.