Current Research Projects

  • Chemical analysis of extracts obtained from Boswellia sacra using HPLC/MS/MS and some other chemical techniques.
  • In vitro anti-tumor activity to some extracts obtained from some plants growing in Dhofar region such as Acacia Spp, Commiphora Spp, Jatropha Spp
  • Studying the in vivo anti-tumor activity of some active extracts obtained from Boswellia sacra using myeloid and colon cancers models using xenograft techniques.
  • Studying the sub-acute, long term toxicity and genotoxicity of one of the most active extract obtained from Boswellia sacra (standardized extract).
  • Studying the in vitro and in vivo anticancer activity of Boswellia sacra essential oils using different techniques.
  • Development of some novel nutraceuticals from frankincense and other medicinal plants.

Project proposals Approved by TRC

  • Development of a topical formulation for bedsores from the gum resin of Omani Boswellia sacra is approved in 2019.
  • Anticancer activity of Dhofar Medicinal Plants is approved in 2020.